Mademoiselle or Madame? Perfume by JP Gaultier

Mademoiselle in french means young girl not maried, if the person is married we say "Madame".

Madame is the name of a  perfume of Jean Paul Gaultier too.

Ok but how can we know if a person is married or not?
So if french people talk to a beautiful girl, they say at first "mademoiselle" because it's pleasant to say to a girl she is young like a "mademoiselle" even she have more than 25 or 30 years old.
Of course if the person is married she can answer to the person who say "mademoiselle", "no, I m Madame" but she can say anything too, or smille in her mind, because it means that you are beautiful and free like a "mademoiselle". French people use to say at first "mademoiselle" but it is not important to answer even you are married or not.
Blog tricot, just wool, it an activity fun and fashion for women, I like picture, I had it in this french blog:

Madame perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier in a Sephora fashion store.
Sorry I moved when I took this photo, I was looking perfumes, a lot of people there.

Ok here is the official add for MADAME perfume, I think the models are great, Jean Paul Gaultier is lucky but I think he prefers to go with men, but I m sure that he loves women too, JP Gaultier is a naughty boy, women or "Madame" can make him a kiss, men or husband kwows that he goes with men first! :)

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